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California Dwarf Hamsters


The Basics
Our Hamsters


Hamsters love to eat and eat a wide variety of many things and are usually not picky eaters. All dwarfs should have a staple food which you provide them with daily. You can choose from eaither a fortified hamster mix which includes many nuts and seeds, or you can buy large fortified pellet food. The pellet blocks are what a lot of breeders and petstores use to feed their hamsters. Providing them with this as oppose to a seed mix, ensures that they will get all of their nutrients without only picking out the good fatty things (aka sunflower seeds).

Aside from the main meal, it is a good idea to feed dwarfs other things every now and then. They will thrive on fruits and veggies (please stay away from the citrusy things, these can upset their stomaches), store bought hamster treats (beware of the real sugary gooey ones which appeal to the costumers, but not to the well being of the hamster), bread soaked in milk, nuts, dog biscuits, hard boiled egg and most things along those lines. Remember that none of these things should be fed more than twice a week. Too much fruit can result into the runs and diabetes.

Stores sell small animal vitamins that can either be mixed in their water, or with the food. I highly recommend these especially if you hamster is one of the "mix pickers", this will ensure he is still getting all the nutrients that he can.



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