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California Dwarf Hamsters


The Basics
Our Hamsters


Breeding dwarfs is a fun experience, but it also takes a lot of responsability. Please keep in mind that these animals multiply constantly and you need to be aware of whats going on as well as where you will be housing pups. If you house a male and a female together, the outcome will most likely be babies, and lots of them. The male and female usually do well together, althought there have been times where the females becomes very agressive. In this case, you must seperate them.

Dwarfs can become sexually mature as early as two weeks. Yes, this is true, but it is not recommended to breed a hamster this young. You should wait until they are atleast a few months old. The stress put on a female (or male) at such a young age is too much, and can result in heartache.

Their litters ranger from 4-8 with 6 being the average. Pups are blind and helpless but will grow rapidly. When breeding, it is important to not only breed for good looks, but temperment as well. Dwarfs have a bad reputation, and I believe that this is from people carlessly breeding animals that arn't good natured together. It is also not a good idea to mix other breeds of dwarfs (winter whites, chinese etc). These animals would not reproduce together in the wild, so please don't let this happen in captivity.

Inbreeding is not advised. Why? Because when this is done, everything about the hamsters in magnified. Good and bad. It is better to breed out strains with non related dwarfs and work out the imperfections that way. Never every breed a ruby eyes mottled with another ruby eyed mottled. About half of the babies will be born blind, def, and toothless. This creatures will not live past 2 weeks so consider yourself wanrned.

There is so much information about breeding dwarfs, that it would be impossible to fit it all onto a single page. If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact
 us or post it in our guest book. Your question will be answered.


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